Practice Test -- Circular Motion (Mr. Rogers AP Physics C )

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Online Quiz - Circular Motion

                          AP Physics I Test Chap 6 Circular Motion
    Assume magic land conditions on all problems unless stated otherwise. In other words there is no air resistance or friction.
1 ) What causes a fictitious force?
2 ) When does centripetal force show up on a freebody diagram.
3 ) On a rollercoaster with a vertical loop at what point will the normal force between the people and the seats they sit on be highest?
    Show all work in the following problems including a sketch of the problem. Draw the freebody forces on this sketch. Assume magic land conditions and use a gravity constant = g unless the problem states otherwise.
4 ) artificial gravity
5 ) Satellite orbit
6 ) Critical speed vertical loop
7 ) Tarzan merry-go-round
8 ) Banked curve.
9 ) Derive an expression for the angle a pendulum makes with the vertical when it is attached to a rail car which is accelerating.
10 ) A rollercoaster has a vertical loop. Find an expression for the minimum height of the entry ramp to the loop if the car is to make a complete loop. Assume that the car has zero velocity at the top of the ramp and that there are no safety devices to prevent the car from falling off the track when the car is upside-down.