AP Comp Sci Chap 3--Test for Mr. R's Classy Students, Part 1

Name ______________________________________   Date _______________

Write an application with 2 classes and an interface: a library, and a book class and a binding interface.

The library class: will contain 2 books. The class will age each books by 20 years and then output the name and age for each book in a well labeled table. 

The binding interface: will specify one method with no return or parameters called aging.

The book class: will have 2 fields: name of book and age of book. The book class will also have 2 constructors, one with no parameters that sets default values for the fields, and a second with parameters for setting name and age.  The default value for name will be "unknown" and for the age will be 1. The class will implement the binding interface and set up the interface's method so that it increases a book's age by one year whenever the method is run..