Mr. Rogers' IB Computer Science -- Android SmartPhone Programming Project
Help boost K-12 science, math, and computer education. Donate your obsolete Android phone to us (see below)! We promise to put it to good use in a classroom.



Font: Arial 12 pt, justify all text to the left except the title (title is Arial 14 pts). Spelling and grammatical mistakes are forbidden! Use spell check.

 <Your program's title 14 pts>

This should be at least one paragraph long and describe what the program does and why it is useful. Pictures of the program being used or a short video showing it in action is required.

Make a bullet list of the features your program uses. Where needed, briefly explain how it uses them.

give the date of version 1.0 and a date for the current version

Future plans
Detail any future modifications you may be working on.

These should be step by step instructions that detail how to use the program. It should include relevant screen shots which are referenced in the instruction. It should

Source Code
This should be well commented and use Stephan's color code. The code should be in a box matching the color of Stephan's boxes. Methods and classes should have a purpose and where appropriate input (preconditions) and output (post conditions) requirements.
post you picture and any bio info you deep appropriate. (Avoid a lot of personal or contact data.)