Mr. Rogers' AP Physics C: Mechanics (With IB Physics Topics) Objectives





Case I:

  1. For the velocity vs. time curve, calculate the values at 2, 4, and 6 seconds. Remember, these points are found by finding the area under the curve (mathematically this is integration).
  2. Set up the velocity scale on the graph and plot these points.
  3. Sketch in the curve connecting the points. Yes, this is a connect the dots situations, but the connecting lines should be concaved-upward, concaved-downward, or a straight line as is appropriate to the situation. Sketch them as realistically as possible short of actually deriving the equations and plotting additional data point.
  4. Repeat the above for the displacement vs time curve.

Case II:

  1. Follow the instructions 1 through 3 show in Case I for the displacement vs. time curve of Case II.
  2. Follow the instructions 1 through 3 show in Case I for the acceleration vs. time curve of Case II, except, note that the acceleration is a derivative (slope at a point) of the velocity function.

Case III:

  1. Follow the instruction 2 show in Case II for the velocity vs. time and acceleration vs. time curves of Case III.


Case I   Case II   Case III