Poster Evaluation:  Evaluator's name ___________________________   Poster maker's name ____________________________  Date ______________

  1. Participate with your team members (1 pts each):
  1. Topic (1 pt): Each person in a group will focus on one of the subjects: biology, chemistry, and physics and relate how it is applied to enable the aspect of green design chosen by your group as its theme. In the process describe the chosen green design aspect and explain why it should be important to the person viewing the poster. Some repetition of information will be needed on the posters your group creates but keep it to a minimum. It should be possible to show the posters as a group or separately.
  2. Customer (3 pts): This will usually be one or more teachers but can be a club or organization
  1. Content Rich Presentation (pts on item): The purpose of the poster is first to draw in the consumer from a distance, then to convey information that the consumer reads up close.
  1. One or more graphs ( 4 pts): must present at least some of the information as a graph produced in an  Excel Spread sheet. If a table is used it must contain formulas. All data must be fully referenced concerning its source
  2. One or more graphic elements ( 2 pts total): must have at least one significant graphic element
  1. Aesthetic Design Elements (1 pts each): must be aesthetically pleasing
  1. Impact (1 pts each): A good poster must have both an immediate and lasting impact on the consumer