Mr. Rogers' IB Design Technology Objectives
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Topic 2 The Responsibility of the Designer

Lesson Plan Practice Test Study Guide




  1. Define ergonomics.

  2. Define anthropometrics.

  3. Define percentile range.

  4. Identify specific design contexts where the designer would use the 5th–95th range or the 50th percentile range and how these ranges are appropriate for particular user groups.

  • appliances and light switch location - 50th percentile range

  • clothing - 5th–95th range

  1. Explain why designers use the 5th–95th percentile range rather than the 1st–99th percentile range.

  2. Describe the relevance of bodily tolerances, such as fatigue and comfort, to ergonomic inquiry.

  • repetitive stress injury - keyboards

  • blood circulation - hospital beds, airplane seats, etc

  1. Discuss the limitations of collecting ergonomic data.

  • accuracy of measurements

  • difficulty of measurement - behavior

  • variability of user response - pain and fatigue thresholds







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