Mr. Rogers' AP Physics C: E&M (with IB Physics) Objectives

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     AP Physics  Current Events Practice Test
1 ) A metal sphere has a static charge of 5 coulombs and discharges in .01 seconds. What is the current?
2 ) A sphere with a charge of 2 coulombs is accelerated through a voltage difference of 5000 volts. What is the sphere's kinetic energy?
3 ) Bob runs his 100 watt stereo for an hour.  How many joules of energy does it use in this time?
4 ) If Bob's 100 watt stereo runs on 100 volts DC, how many coulombs of charge will pass through it in an hour.
5 ) Bob has a box of 10 ohm resistors. How many could he plug into the wall outlets if the voltage were 100 volts DC and the breaker blew at 21 amps.
6 ) A circuit has a 20 ohm resistor in series with a 5 ohm resistor and a 10 volt battery. Draw the circuit showing how you would connect a voltmeter and an ammeter so that you could measure the voltage drop across the 5 ohm resistor and the current though it.
7 ) You have a cylindrical shaped copper bar with a resistance of 8 ohms. What will it's resistance be if the the bar is stretched to twice its length?
8 ) You have a box of 5 volt solar cells. How many would be needed to produce current at 100 volts. How should they be connected?
9 ) A device with a resistance of 4 ohms consumes 5 coulombs of charge in 10 seconds. What is the power consumption? What is the voltage drop across the resistor?