Mr. Rogers - AP Statistics Objectives
Unit Plan Practice Test Study Guide

AP Statistics  Practice Test Sampling Distributions Confidence Intervals Chapt 9 & 10

___ 1 ) According to the central limit theorem, the sampling distribution __________________.
___ 2 ) The average height all monkeys is 48 with a standard deviation of 2 inches. What is the standard deviation of monkey heights for the sampling distribution of size ten?
___ 3 ) What effect does population size have on the mean and standard deviation of a sampling distribution?
___ 4 ) Generally a statistic is used for
  5 ) Indicate which of the following can fit the binomial setting. Y=yes, N=no
________ If 90 % of consumers buy corn flakes then what is the probability of randomly choosing 100 who don't buy corn flakes.
________ If a barrel of 10 monkeys contains 2 albino monkeys what is the probability of getting both albinos in a given draw assuming no monkeys are replaced after being drawn.


________ If 45% of all students wore Bob's Jumpy Shoes in 1978 what is the probability of finding a random sample of 20 students that wear Bob's Jumpy Shoes the year 2057?
___ 6 ) If the width of a confidence interval triples, what also had to happen to the margin of error?
___ 7 ) If the sample size is increased by a factor of 2, what is the effect on the margin of error?
___ 8 ) If the confidence level is changed from 80% to 95% what is the effect on the margin of error?
___ 9 ) Which type(s) of error(s) will the margin of error account for?
___ 10 ) What is the z* for a confidence level of 85%?
___ 11 ) Which types of studies can make use of confidence intervals?
___ 12 ) What is the minimum sample size for determining the mean length of widgets in a manufacturing industry to a margin of error = plus or minus .2 given a 90% confidence interval and a standard deviation = 3.
___ 13 ) Which is more accurate, a margin of error with a confidence level of  65% or a margin of error with a confidence interval  of 90%?
___ 14 ) For an 80 % confidence interval, we are confident that _______________ .
      80 % of confidence intervals constructed around a sample statistic will contain the population parameter.