Mr. R's Medical Incident Procedure


A medical incident can occur for many reasons: fainting, allergic reaction, sudden illness, injury, etc. Such an incident would require Mr. Rogers full attention. To make this possible, students are to STRICTLY follow the procedures outlined below:

  1. Be seated: students are to immediately return to their assigned seats. If this is not possible they should sit in any available chair or stand as far out of the way as possible.

  2. Be silent: no one is to talk unless Mr. Rogers addresses them. Even offers of help should not be stated

  3. Remain in the room unless instructed to do otherwise. Student who feel queasy about witnessing a medical incident are allowed to put their head on the desk and close their eyes but are not to leave the room.

  4. Mr. R will place the student in a safe position (generally either seated or lying down) .

  5. Mr. R will phone for assistance with one of the emergency numbers listed below:

    Receptionist's desk (Ms. Mills): 8701

    Attendance Desk ( Ms. McAfee): 8702

    In the event that Mr. Rogers needs to render first aid or cannot make the call, he will ask one of the Designated Student Assistants to make the call. These individuals will be determined ahead of time.