Scale Up Factors



 Scale Up


 Volume  Factor ^3


 Mass  Factor ^3


 Weight  Factor ^3


 Strength of Legs  Factor ^2


 Surface Area  Factor ^2


 Heat Loss/ Unit of Volume  1/Factor


 Food Intake/ Unit of Volume  1/Factor

Practice Questions

1) A mouse's legs are ten times stronger than needed for standing. What is the maximum amount the mouse could be scaled up and still stand?



2) A shrew eats twice its body weight in food each day. What % of its body weight would it need to eat if scaled up by a factor of 1000?



3) A 98 lb boy grows 10% taller in one year. What is the boy's new weight (assume no change in proportions)?



4) A 5 foot tall 120 lb woman is shrunk by an extra terrestrial using a special ray gun. Her new height is 1 foot. What is her new weight? Will it be easier or harder for her to stay warm. Explain using numbers.



5) What is the difference in blood pressure in mm of Hg of a giraffe 's head vs its feet assuming it is 3 meters tall.