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Hi Fellow Teachers,

Since I put my web sites up starting in 1996, I've posted a considerable amount of classroom resources and get many requests from teachers including requests for copies of my AP Syllabi. These are very large files that jam my e-mail if I attempt to send them, so I'm providing online copies here for reference purposes.

I understand your pain when faced with having to write and submit such a syllabus. When the requirement was first issued. I put together 5 of them, including AP Comp Science AB (no longer offered) within roughly a month entirely on my own time with no additional compensation or consideration. Yes, I griped about it, but I also learned a lot about how to do a better job of teaching my classes.

I don't recommend copying and submitting my syllabi for lots of different reasons and certainly you don't need to submit anything as elaborate as these. Still, I hope they help you and give you ideas.

Yes, I really do teach all of the subjects listed at right every year along with IB Design Technology and IB Computer Science. That's right 6 preps and generally over a hundred students. I would add that most of my AP Computer Science and AP Statistics students are sophomores. So, please forgive me if I'm slow to respond to your requests.



Tom Rogers
Southside High
Greenville, SC



Mr. Rogers AP Syllabi Submitted to the American College Board


AP Computer Science

AP Physics C Mechanics

AP Physics C E&M

AP Statistics