Mr. Rogers' Syllabus AP Computer Science I

Summer Assignments for New Computer Science Students

Even a little exposure to Java programming ahead of time will significantly help you succeed in computer science.

Assignment 1: Send Mr. Rogers an e-mail with the name of the course (such as AP Physics) listed as the subject of the e-mail. He will be e-mailing you about extra credit opportunities available over the summer. (Mr. Rís e-mail:

Assignment 2: Java was created by Sun Computers and fortunately they have a number of free tutorials available. To do anything in Java you will first have to download the JDK 6 Update 6 software. Go here to visit Suns Java tutorial site. Be sure to read the sections called Getting Started and Learning the Java Language. When you're ready to write a program go to the section called Your First Cup of Java. This section will walk you through the steps in writing a simple program.

Assignment 3: Become familiar with the vocabulary terms listed here

Assignment 4: We will be using an integrated development environment (IDE) called  BlueJ to create programs in class. (click on BlueJ to download it for free). If you get stuck e-mail Mr Rogers. He will do his best to help you.

Learning to program can be frustrating at times, but stick with it and it will become a satisfying experience