Mr. Rogers - AP Statistics Objectives
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7&8 Binomal 9 Sampling Distr 10 Conf Intervals 11 t-Test 12 Inf for Prop
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Ch 11

  1. State the 2 assumptions for drawing inferences about a population mean when sigma is not known.

  • SRS

  • Normal Distribution of the population

  1. Calculate standard error (standard deviation of the sampling distr. = s/n^.5) for a sample.

  2. Explain when a t statistic is used rather than a z score.

  3. Calculate t statistics.

  4. State the degrees of freedom for a t test.

  5. Construct confidence intervals using the t statistic.

  6. Perform one sample t-procedures on the TI-83.

Home Work: 11.7, 11.9,  -- Read section 


Lesson 1
Key Concept: Use of the t-Distribution 
Purpose: L.

Warm up: D

Interactive Discussion: Objectives 1-2. D

Stats Investigation (Teams of two):  

Stats Investigation: S

Purpose: D simulated by humans.

Instructions: U

Questions /Conclusions:

  1. W

Resources/Materials: pennies for flipping


  1. Ap

Home Work:  11.13, 11.17, 11.21, 11.26 


Lesson 2
Key Concept: Matched Pairs t-test
Purpose: B

Warm up (Teams of two): D

Interactive Discussion: O

Objective 9-12.

Problem Solving (Teams of two): C



  1. State the assumptions made for two sample tests. (p. 619)

  2. Create confidence intervals and hypothesis test using two sample t procedures assuming that the sigmas of the two populations are unequal. This is the most concervative assumption.

  3. Be aware of the more accurate way to calculate df as shown on page 633.

  4. Perform two sample hypothesis t-procedures on the TI-83.

  5. State the key assumption required for using the pooled two-sample t-procedures.

  • The sigmas of the two populations are the same

Home Work 11.33, 11.35, 11.37, 11.49: 


Lesson 3
Key Concept: Two Sample t-procedures - No assumption made about the standard deviation being equal.(p.624)
Purpose: U
Warm up (Individual): c



  1. B



Lesson 3
Key Concept: T
Purpose: U



The Practice of Statistics, Yates, Moore, McCabe