Mr. Rogers - AP Statistics, Second Quarter Objectives

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Chap 6 Probability

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First Semester Exam Practice Test


Questions with numbers highlighted in blue such as 3) have material in them that at this point in time may not have been fully discussed in class. Although you may not fully understand all the thinking behind them, by studying the examples provided most students will be able to answer similar questions on the first semester exam.

Questions similar to the ones with numbers highlighted in orange such as 6) were answered incorrectly more than 60% of the time on an actual AP Statistics exam. They are important questions to understand.

1) What is meant by a 5% margin of error?


2) Bob claims that his apples are bigger than Martha's apples.  The mean of Martha's apples is 27. If you perform a significance test, what would the null and alternative hypothesis be?


3) A consultant takes a random sample and gets a mean size of 28 for Bob's apples based on a sample size of 16. If the standard deviation of Martha's apples is 4, find the p-value and answer the question are Bob's apples larger.
4) What is the best way to establish a cause and effect relationship between two variables?


5) Given the equation: y-hat = 4x +10, if x is increased by 5 what is the change in y?


6) 1,000,000 people belong to Martha's Fitness Emporium. 600,000 are women and 400,000 men. 50% of the women work out every week and 40% of the men. In a sample of 1000, what number would be expected to work out every week?


7) If Ho: μ = 50, Ha μ >50 and the mean of a sample were 52 with a z score = 2 and a p-value = 0.023 what would be the likely conclusion?


8) Martha wants to determine what fraction of voters will vote for the purple party in the next election. She wants a 95% confidence level with no more than a 2% margin of error. What is the smallest number of individuals she should survey?


9) Bob's Tocorama has a deal. Every Monday customers can spin a wheel that gives them a discount of  up to $1.00 on their next purchase. The mean is $0.50 and standard deviation is $0.15. If a customer participates for 40 weeks, what is the probability that he will have a savings greater than $21?


10) 10% of Juan's fruit special cakes weigh less than 20 grams and 15% weigh more than 25 grams. Find the mean and standard deviation.