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Physics, the Neglected Science

Of the the three major sciences taught in the high schools of the United States, physics is the most neglected. It has more misconceptions associated with its principle than any of the other science, not to mention an undeserved reputation for difficulty. Yet physics is is the foundation of modern technology and a key requirement for millions of high paying careers in engineering, computer science, and medicine.

These pages have been created to help increase awareness about the value of physics and to lend support to high school physics students, teachers, and parents.

Why Take Physics? provides ten good reasons why every high school student should take physics even those who are not "math and science people".

Which Physics Program Is Right For Me?
The number of high school physics options has grow considerably. Here's information to help you make a choice.

Shortcomings of High School Physics
Here are the reasons why physics has become a neglected high school subject.

STEM Careers
There's nothing worse than spending years getting a degree and finding out you can't get a job. Here's information covering a diversity of possibilities including engineering, architecture, computers, and medicine as well as other scientific areas.



Why The United States Has to Rely on "Temporary" Foreign Technical Professionals

The United States currently allows 95,000 new foreign professionals each year to enter the country on six year temporary H1B work permits because the U.S. cannot train enough individuals for these jobs. The U.S. should be the kind of place where skilled immigrants with big ideas can come and seek their fortunes, but it should be a benefit not a dependency.

Professional jobs filled by foreign workers are  primarily computer or engineering related. Physics training is a key component for entry into most of these jobs and yet the U.S. places little emphasis on physics education as shown in the figure below.

The number of college freshmen selecting engineering and computer science as their majors has tended to decline even as the number of jobs has grown. Furthermore, graduation rates in these majors is significantly lower than non-technical majors. Clearly the U.S. needs to do a better job of giving students the background they need to succeed. Boosting high school physics is at least part of the solution.

(Reference for the figure: The Digest of Education Statistics 1996)


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