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Physics I Perfectly Powerful Practice Test -- Kinematics

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Assume magic land conditions on all problems unless stated otherwise. In other words there is no air resistance or friction.


Indicate the best answer:




Robin hood shoots an arrow up in the night sky. What is the acceleration at the very top of its path?


a) zero b) 9.8 m/s/s upward c) 9.8 m/s/s downward d) it depends on the initial velocity




Bill drives his car 20 times around a circular track in 50 seconds. The track is 100 meters in diameter. What is Bill's average velocity?



Jane drives her car 20 mph for 40 mile and 40 mph for 60 miles. What is her average speed?



Name 3 controls on a car which can be used for changing its velocity.



Bambi steps into the road in front of Ben's car when he is going 45m/s. He slams on the brakes and stops after 7 seconds. Find the acceleration in g's.



The g is a unit of ________________ .



Juan's car has an acceleration = -2.76 m/s/s and a velocity = 43m/s. Is he slowing down or speeding up?



Martha's car is going 38 m/s when it hits a tree. It stops in 0.04 seconds. Find her acceleration in g's.



Bradley drops a rock in a well. It falls for 12 seconds. How deep is the well?




Which of the following is/are a vector(s)?


a) displacement b) velocity c) distance d) speed  e) all of the answers




The Velocity of an object can be determined at a particular time by finding the slope of _____________.

a) the displacement verses time plot

b) the velocity verses time plot

c) the acceleration verses time plot



Albert flips a coin up in the air at an upward velocity of 5 m/s. He fails to catch it on the way down and it falls down an 8 m deep well. Draw a vs t, v vs t, and y vs t curves. Calculate the max height and max magnitude of velocity of the coin.



Draw the a vs t, v vs t, and y vs t curves for the following relationship: a = 8t -2. Find the velocity after 3 seconds




Describe the effects of air resistance on the kinematics of a dropped object.

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