Mr. Rogers' AP Statistics

Specifications for AP Stats Investigations

Each student will turn in a Word or Excel File for each investigation. These are to be turned in and kept in the Statistics Investigations folder of your student Home Directory. The files from the various investigations should also be stored on a USB thumb drive or other media. We will be returning to some of the investigations later in the year for further analysis. If you do not save the data, you will have to re-generate it

Investigation Write-Up
Title: Make this Descriptive. Don't be cutesy.

Purpose: Given by Mr. Rogers

Design: In some cases Mr. Rogers will provide all the details for the design of collecting the data. It is not necessary to rewrite this information but it should be referenced. However, any design details you create should be briefly described. Bullet statements are okay.

Analysis: Include all raw data and graphs or other forms of analysis.

Discussion Conclusions: Summarize the results and answer the purpose in at least one good paragraph. Remember, "just the facts". Never introduce new data in a conclusion

Answer any questions in complete sentences. Answers are to be listed 1, 2, 3, ... etc. relative to the questions.


Do not embellish! Describe only what the numbers indicate.


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