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    AP Statistics Delightful Distributions Practice Test
1 ) If a distribution is skewed to the high side, what is the relationship between the median and the mean?
2 ) Draw a distribution which is skewed to the right.
3 ) Name 3 measures of central tendency.
4 ) Give one example of a distribution which would likely be skewed to the right.
5 ) Which of the following is true for a symmetrical distribution? a) It can have several peaks   b) mean = median   c) both answers a and b    d) none of the answers
6 ) If the standard deviation of a data set is 4, what is a reasonable range?
7 ) If the standard deviation of a data set = 0, you can conclude __________________.
8 ) When a data set contains an outlier, which measure of variability is affected the least?
9 ) About how much data is typically found in the interquartile range?
10 ) Which plot will always consistently identify outliers regardless of who makes the plot?
11 ) Which plot could be used for categorical data?
12 ) What can a stem and leaf plot can detect ?
13 ) What is the relationship between the variance (var) and the standard deviation (std dev)?
14 ) When a data set has suspected outliers, what are the preferred measures of central tendency and variability?
15 ) What are the five numbers in a five number summary?
16 ) Write formulas for the following:
    standard deviation of a sample
    variance of a sample
    standard deviation of a population (hint: Zeus knows all about populations)
    variance of a population


) If you add 20 to all your data points what does it do to the mean, median, standard deviation and IQR?


) If you multiply all your data points by 2 what does it do to the mean, median, standard deviation and IQR?


) What does it mean to say that your IQ is in the 95 percentile?


) Given the following 5 number summary: 1, 3, 5,7, 12 determine the following
  1. describe the shape
  2. median =
  3. determine if there are outliers
  4. range =
  5. IQR =
  6. estimate sigma:
  7. 75 percentile =
  8. 3 is what percentile?

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