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Help boost K-12 science, math, and computer education. Donate your obsolete Android phone to us (see below)! We promise to put it to good use in a classroom.

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Thanks to the generous gift of 3 G1 Android phones by Greg Grothaus, former Southside student now employed at Google, Mr. Rogers' IB Computer Science students were able to begin developing Android phone apps using Eclipse. A sampling of the programs developed so far can be found at right. Most of the current programs were developed for use in physics classrooms. It's our hope to eventually have a classroom set of at least 20 Android phones that can do double service as devices either for teaching computer science or teaching physics, possibly math or other science courses.

Why we're excited about the Android phone

In computer science they offer a plethora of different programming experiences: blue tooth, WiFi, GUI, graphics, OOPS, real-time sensor data collection, on, and on. No other single device in the price range of an Android phone offers such a range of programming experiences.

In physics class Androids offer numerous cost effective ways to collect data and conduct experiments with sensors such as video camera, microphone, GPS, 3-axis accelerometers, tilt indicators, and temperature sensors. Purchasing these devices individually would cost more than an unlocked Android phone.

With its many sensors and programming capabilities we believe Android phone will also become a regular feature of student research projects. Several of our students are already working on Android-based science fair projects.

We're still rookies at Android development but hope to eventually develop our humble beginning into full fledged Android education unit complete with lesson plans and lots of software examples as part of our High school IB Computer Science course. Please check back often for further updates.

Our Goal:

Develop and migrate as many Android application as possible for use in science, math, and computer classrooms.

Our plan is not just to use Android phones for programming in computer science class, but to eventually provide Android phones with educationally oriented apps for use in physics, math, and other classes.


The Congo Connection:

Most Africans connect to the internet via cell phone. Land lines are not that common especially in remote areas.

Cell phone programming has a distinct international connection, consistent with the fact that we are an International Baccalaureate (IB) school. We are looking for ways to collaborate with various international educational efforts.

bonhel's blog: Jean Bonhel-Francios is an international Java consultant who mostly lives in Canada but hails from the Congo.

JCertif University: this is the premier event for the Central Africa IT community and allows attendees to explore, share, and collaborate on the latest developments and practices related to Java technology


How to donate your old Android phone

 When your Android phone contract runs out and you want to upgrade, please consider donating the old one to us.

To donate an Android contact Tom Rogers at

We promise to put you donated phone to good use in both our computer science and physics our class rooms (see possible application at right).




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