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Mr. Rogers AP Physics Big Beautiful Bodacious Newton's Law Practice Test

    Assume magic land unless otherwise stated. Use g = 10 m/s2
1 ) Martha pushes downward on a trunk with a force of 600 newtons. The force makes a thirty degree angle with the horizon and the trunk weighs 800 newtons. What is the normal force on the trunk.  1100 N
2 ) Ralph stands on a bathroom scale as his elevator accelerates upward at 0.75 g's. His mass = 100 kg. What does the scale read. Assume the scale uses units of newtons.  1750 N
3 ) A mass of 2m is attached to the rope on one side of a pulley. A mass of 5m is attached to the other side. Find the magnitude of acceleration for each mass when the mass are released.  3/7 g
4 ) Alfred suspects a problem and decides to measure gravity using an Atwood machine. He uses a mass of 4m on one side of the pulley and 2m on the other. This yields an acceleration of 5 m/s/s. What is the value of g?  15 m/s2
5 ) A buzzard has a mass = 2 kg. He lands on a magical wire with no mass stretched horizontally between poles 150 meters apart. Murphy lands exactly half way between the two poles. The wire sags 2 cm. What is the tension in the wire? 37,000 N
    Draw free body diagrams (FBD) for the following problems. Construct the arrows roughly to scale. In other words, if one force is larger than another it should be drawn larger.
6 ) Bob pushes Martha on a swing. Draw a FBD when the swing's ropes makes an angle of theta with a vertical line and Bob gives Martha a push.
7 ) Martha on a swings freely. The swing's ropes makes an angle of theta with a vertical line. Draw a FBD.
8 ) Martha is on a swing. Bob holds her to prevent her from swinging forward.  The swing's ropes makes an angle of theta with a vertical line. Draw a FBD.
9 ) Juan parks his car on a 10 degree slope. Draw the FBD.
10 ) A pendulum swings to it's highest position. Draw the FBD.
11 ) A falling object accelerates downward at 1/2 g. Draw the FBD.
12 ) A falling object reaches terminal velocity. Draw the FBD.

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