Mr. Rogers - AP Statistics Objectives
Unit Plan Practice Test
                         AP Statistics  Practice Test Chapter 5
1)   What is the most serious weakness of experiments compared to observational studies?
2)   What are the effects of sample size on the validity of an observational study or a survey?
3)   What problem does a double blind test address?
4)   A marketing expert surveys every 20th person as they walk out the door of a store. Is this a simple random sample?
5)   List the main problem that a survey may have which a census will not.
6)   List the main problem of a census.
7)   Which technique is designed to reduce bias in experiments?
8)   Describe a double blind test.
9)   Describe the key factor in matched pairs experiments.
10)   Give examples of response bias.
11)  Design a survey for Southside which determines preference in presidential candidates.

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