Mr. Rogers' AP Physics C: E&M (with IB Physics) Objectives

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Essential Question: How will your physics investigations be evaluated?

IB Physics Investigation Rubrics

Defining the problem and selecting variables
Controlling variables
Developing a method for collection of data
Formulates a focused
problem/research question and identifies the relevant variables.
Designs a method for
the effective control of
the variables.
Develops a method that
allows for the collection of sufficient relevant data.
Data collection
and processing
Recording raw data
Processing raw data
Presenting processed data
Records appropriate quantitative and associated qualitative raw data, including units and uncertainties where relevant.
Processes the quantitative raw data
Presents processed data appropriately and, where relevant, includes errors and uncertainties.
Conclusion and evaluation
Improving the
States a conclusion, with justification, based on a reasonable interpretation of the data.
Evaluates weaknesses
and limitations.
Suggests realistic
improvements in respect of
identified weaknesses and
Manipulative skills (assessed summatively)
Following instructions*
Carrying out techniques
Working safely
Follows instructions accurately, adapting to new circumstances (seeking assistance when required).
Competent and methodical in the use of
a range of techniques
and equipment.
Pays attention to safety

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